Finding Humor

This Habit of Mind is really easy to define, it is mainly about being positive to ourselves. It is pretty hard to pick yourself up after a bad grade and deal with it reasonably, but you have to try, and that's reason why we need to "find humor".


Long long time ago, when we had our first formative quiz, I got a 5/10 because I didn't prepare enough. I was sad and kind of embarrassed when I saw other people all got 8,9 or even all correct. Then I started went over my quiz, and I realize some questions that I got wrong were actually pretty easy. The reason why I got it wrong mainly because I could not understand the question. After I found out that "secret". I was able to being more positive to my next quiz, because I know that I just need to actually understand the question and answer it correctly.

At the first chapter 1 test; sadly, I still didn't do it correctly. So I checked the question and compare to the quiz question, then I found out it was a little bit different and that was why I got mark off. I still tried to be optimistic because it is important to understand the concept even though I didn't get this question correct on a chapter test.