Gathering Data through All Senses

Observe perpetually - Henry James

This Habit of Mind is pretty obvious compare to the others, but it is also an important part for a lab experiment. When we are recording observations, color is not the only characteristic we can record it down; the smell, the touch and the taste if it is possible. By using our five senses, we can have a much detail observation than only using one sense. That leads to another lab problem, which is safety. We have to wear aprons, and some time safety goggles, they are all protectors that protect us from those chemicals. Also touching and tasting the chemical are usually banned from a chemistry class. But smelling and looking is interesting enough, during our acid and base chapter, we can see the big color difference between acid and base. Where acid is red and base is more purple and blue. Other experiment like burn the chips and the peanuts, we may find out how oily those snacks are. Able to use all five senses when you are gathering data will be so helpful on recording your observations, because it can give you a overview picture of the product.