Learning Continuously

Insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
-Albert Einstein

We always learn stuff from our experience. That is mainly why we are able to become the most powerful creature in this planet. This philosophy also works for a normal chemistry class. In this year of chemistry class, we learned several useful topic such as kinetics and acid and base, which I am going to continuously used the information during my next year physic class and later on in my normal life.

The labs we were doing during this class are another good example of learning Continuously. For an example, if our first trail fails, then we will use our past experience and try to figure out a more possible way to process it. Students usually just throw away their studying packet after the tests or exams are over, then it only means that this class is nothing useful other than get a credit. But this doesn't happend for a chemistry class, I personally belive that by having these notes and packets will be a good tool for me in the future.Habits of Mind is another example of learning Continuously, chemistry seems have no relation-ship with all different kinds of Habits of MInd, but it is another symbol of keep learning from your past experience; we reflect on past and try to imrpove us in the future. Learning Continuously is actually a really important technique that we rely on.