Listening to others with understand and empathy.

They way I understand this habit of mind is knowing to appreciate my partner's idea, also use some words like "great!" "good idea but I got something different" to show your respect. Another key point is don't left any teammate out of the discussion.

"Wisdom is the reward for a lifetime of listening." - habits of mind packet.


In our Chemistry class, our lab group usually stays the same. Then during quarter 2, Ms.Knowles "forced" us to be a group with at least one girl, meaning because in our class we have less girls than boys. After Ms.Knowles picked all the girls, we didn't move because it was pretty awkward to organize a group like that, but we still need to start brainstorm some ideas for our lab, so we picked a girl and started our brainstorming. At first, the girl came out a lot of ideas, but we thought they were not good ideas for this lab. Even so, we showed our respect by saying "mmhm, interesting, but it is not that easy to accomplish for this experiment. Although we didn't use this girl's idea, but her contribution causing us to come out some other ideas. That's why we were able to come out something at the end of our brainstorming. If we didn't show our respect to other people's idea, then people will have less interest on brainstorm new ideas for this experiment.