Managing impulsivity

Managing impulsivity is thinking fully before make a decision. This is one of my problems when I am doing a quiz or answering a question in the class.
In my first test, I did one question wrong because I wrote the first thing that came to my mind. Being impulsive lead me to being less careful on reading the test question. “Use the graph to describe the trend in atomic radius going down group I of the periodic table.” I misunderstood the most important phrase in the question by interpreting “group I” as “family I” which caused me to lose one point of the test. When I got my test back, I was still wondering why I got the question wrong, I found out this stupid mistake until I started this project.

Therefore, my error compounded when I got to the second part of the question. “Give a reasonable explanation, based on your knowledge of atomic structure, for this trend.” My impulsivity on reading question wrong caused me to lose all 2 points for the second part of the question. It meant that impulsivity caused me to lose 3 points on the test. Those misunderstood of questions remind myself to be careful in other tests. So now I am making sure to read all test questions carefully before writing down an answer.
Because of this habit of mind, I remember a quote that one of my history teachers taught me. “Think before you speak,” which is a great quote that match up with this idea.