Responding with wonderment and awe

My understanding of this Habit of Mind is always be positive to the work that you have to finish, don't always finish your work because you want that grade. Maybe the work you did may aid you in the future.

"The most beautiful experience in the world is the experience of the mysterious". Albert Einstein


The example I chose is this Habits of Mind project. Often time students asked them-self, why are we doing these Habits of Mind? How is it related to Chemistry? Well, you are right, this is not that related to Chemistry, but if you respond to this Habits of Mind project with wonderment and awe, you may find out by knowing these Habits of Mind and come out some examples are important and fun to do. This gave us a chance to actually stop and think back our first semester Chemistry class. Did we do something right? Did we come out some good ideas with some good strategies?" If the student just being the mode of "Finish this, get grade". It will be hard for them to find out the mistake they made or some correct things they had done in the past few months. By doing this with wonderment and awe, we will receive a lot other than grades.