Striving for accuracy and precision

I had to laugh when I read the section of striving for accuracy and precision, “Do you turn in sloppy or incomplete work?” “Are you more anxious to get rid of the assignment than to check it for accuracy and precision.” To be honest I must answered yes to both questions. Especially in my middle school years, I rushed many of my assignments in some subjects. In this class, my binder was not that organized, I just stuffed paper in to the binder without three hole-punching them. After I read this question about this habit of mind, I decided to clean up my binder and organized it in order to show my improvements on the organization of the binder.

After I finished hole-punching the paper, my works are in chronological order, I’m finally happy that I had an organized binder that helped me review my work more efficiently. This also shows being organize giving me a better time management.