Taking Responsible Risks

"There has been a calculated risk in every stage of American development--the pioneers who were not afraid of the wilderness, businessmen who were not afraid of failure, dreamers who were not afraid of action."

I'm not a person that enjoys to take risk to do something, but often time, risks equal to opportunities, so sometimes we have to take some risks, but of course we have to take the responsible risks. Usually the risks I took for an academic class will fail because it was not responsible, one time I was too lazy to study for a quiz, so I hope the quiz will be easy and I just assumed that I know everything, obviously I end up with a horrible grade. That is taking dangerous risks; risks can be categorized as dangerous risks and responsible risks.

During our chem class, I actually met some friends who have been here for several years but doesn't have a chance to know each other. One of the chem lab was a chance for me to actually get to know her, maybe that violates the real meaning of taking responsible risks, but I think is still worth it to share. We were random selected as partners, It was awkard in the first few minuits when we all sits down and find out one way to process the experiment. Then I decided to take a risk to break up the silence. I usually act like a listener during a group conversation, but only that time, I actually try to become the leader of the lab, try to let my groupmate to particpate with me. The whole lab ends up succesfully, which means the risk was worth it to take and it is also responsible."