Thinking about your thinking (Metacognition)

-When the mind is thinking it is taking to itself -Plato

Metacogntion or thinking about our thinking is the ability to plan a strategy for producing what information is needed, and it is a key method that we as students should understand.

In our acid and base unit, we had a group experiment on investigating pH and [H+]. The experiment was first confusing to us, so we had a group conversation and found out the correct way of doing this experiment. When we finish our experiment and started to checking our result, we found out that our result is not understandable. Ph level is numbered from 1-14, and the color should be from light color to dark color, because 1 is most acidic and 14 is most basic. Our result was test tubes 5,6,and 7 had a lighter color than test tubes 1-4. So we first thought we did incorrectly, because the color of the ph level is approved by a lot of scholars already, so subconsciously we agreed that we placed the test tubes in a wrong order. When metacognition occurs in your mind, it’s hard to recognize it, because it happens so fast that we are not aware of. At last, we used indicator paper found out we did place the test tube wrong. The reason why metacogntion is important because it can determine a student’s learning ability and learning efficiency.