Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and precision

I do not so easily think in words .. after being hard at work having arrived at results that are perfectly clear … I have to translate my thoughts in a language that does not run evenly with them. – Francis Galton, Geneticist.

One of the quickest way to find out a person’s mood is by listening to their conversation, his usage of words and his speaking volume can give us some information about their current situation. During an experiment, partner is a great resource; they may contribute valuable ideas and their understanding. So we should always stay calm during an experiment, because if we started being impatient, partner’s mood may also be affected.

Also, using vague and imprecise language is also not a good method for an experiment lab, because the experiment will not be precise. Words like “Stuff, junk and things” should not be use during a lab. During most experiments, my partner and me although usually use those words, but often time is because it is easier to communicate in this way and it is more efficient to us. In the future, by using more active languages will definitely increase our lab’s accuracy.

By using clarity and precision words can also show your attitude toward this experiment, it not only shows your own confident, but it also builds your partner's confidence, you are showing that you know how to do the experiment and able to finish it.