Thinking flexibly

Thinking differently
In our science class, when we first got our first lab assignment, our group chose to do a lab based on oobleck.
But we had a hard time on deciding our hypothesis for our lab. The first idea we came up was dropped a coin to a beaker filled with oobleck, when we did our first experiment, we found out that the ratio of the oobleck was hard to control. It was even harder to time the speed of the coin dropping. Then we did a different ratio but we also failed. So we tried to discover a new experiment, noun of our ideas seem to work.
While we were struggling to discover a new experiment, Ms. Knowles approached to our lab group and suggested that we should tried to time the different of oobleck pouring in to a Petri-dish. Having failed for several times, I learned that I had to researched more and asked the teacher more and think deeply to be successful. If our group didn’t to choose a new idea and stuck with our original hypothesis, more time will be wasted because we weren’t testing anything.

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